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I am (almost) back.

Yes. I am still alive. And I still love you guys! I am so sorry for the long delay. too long. It has been a life-altering summer. Really. So many huge decisions, so many big moves…and there’s doublespace. I’ll tell you more about it in a month or so, but for now you’ll have to [...]

Private Workshop (ctd)

Last week, I showed you some of the quick snapshots I made while teaching a private workshop recently. As I hinted then, Stephane generously agreed to allow me to showcase his images from the two outings…Stephane wanted to work on developing his compositional skills and the famous “eye” (or learn how to see in human [...]

Private workshop

I had the pleasure to host Stephane, who drove in from Montreal to take a private, custom-tailored workshop over the week-end. As per Stephane’s wishes, the workshop was a bit of a “surf and turf”: a bit of nature, a bit of urban photography. The weather wasn’t particularly pleasant, with a cold northern wind blowing [...]

Postcard from Morocco

Well that went fast. Real fast. I can’t quite believe that my Land of Contrasts adventure in Morocco has come and gone. Eight days of fun-filled, food-packed and superb light action. Suffice it to say that we had a fantastic group of people down in Morocco and that a great time and amazing memories were [...]

2012 Ottawa Workshops

(A new blog post follows this one) In case you missed it on the twitter/FB/G+-sphere, I have announced my 2012 workshop lineup for the coming year. This year I have decided to offer a more sustained lineup throughout the year, with varied offerings to suit most. There are three series of workshops this year (other [...]