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Rules are meant to be broken

My apologies for my absence last week, but there are simply way too many things happening at the moment, which makes it a bit hard to get on with everything I want to do…I promise though, there are some big changes and some great stuff coming soon. Also, stay tuned at, where we will [...]

A few feet apart, a world apart

Last week, I posted a few images from our favorite snow-covered forest. The image spoke of calm, peace and serenity (and of implied nudity, if you, like me, have a crooked mind). This week, I am posting an image made a few seconds after the ones posted last week, literally two or three feet away [...]

White forest, Black forest

Some stories just jump at you unannounced. Others take years to make. Yet others are a bit of both. This is one of those. I have been scouting this little forest for years now, always wishing and hoping for a good snow dump. Not any kind of snow, it had to be wet and sticky. [...]

Dream or reality

So, I posted this image on G+ yesterday… It is a co-creation of Amanda and I’s (equal parts: she added the good part, I added the bad part ). In any case, I asked the question on G+ and I’ve been getting some interesting answer, so I’d like to ask it here too and see [...]

Patience Pays Off

I have been waiting for years to make these images. Literally. I had the images in my mind’s eye. I knew (more or less) exactly what I wanted. I knew the conditions that I needed to make it a reality. Unfortunately, when these conditions materialized in the last few years, I was never in a [...]