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Crap light

…or is it? As soon as the weather turns a bit sour, dark clouds, rain, windy, cold, most of us just pack their gear and call it a day. Yet, if there is one time you should really stick it out just a bit longer, it’s certainly during crappy weather. For one, you just never [...]

Secret Garden, revisited

Since my return from Morocco I have been extremely busy with a lot of photo projects. Alongside a few things that I can’t quite disclose yet, I have been splitting my time between teaching classes at Henry’s School of Imaging, private workshops and spending inordinate amounts on new (but I assure you necessary) gear purchases. [...]

Breaking the Rules…and your turn now.

A lot of people, including myself, are always talking about breaking rules to expand your photographic horizons, yet, we just like everyone, we often fall in the same traps of routine and habit (if only to maximise chances of success or “save time”). However, I find myself continuously amazed at how much more I like the “rule-breaking” images compared to [...]

Cool Water (not the one by Davidoff)

I love wide-angle landscape photography as much as the next guy (just in case you haven’t noticed). So when I am standing in front of a great scene with that rare beautiful sunset/rise on the verge of exploding, it is a natural reflex for me to put my 16-35mm lens on, set up and simply [...]

You gotta do what you gotta do

Cold: check; Wet: check; Long and painful: check; Did I say wet? check. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get the shot. I’ve been procrastinating on buying waders to take these kinds of shots, so when came the time to make it happen, off came the shoes, the socks [...]