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Moody Coast

So here I am playing catch-up with my keywording, yet I just can’t help myself but try and play around with some of my unprocessed shots (hours of keyword entry isn’t exactly my definition of fun!). As I mentioned in a recent post, I am also starting to discover Lightroom 2.5. The program doesn’t really [...]

Photo of the Month – July 2009

This month’s photograph of the month comes (shockingly) from my trip out West earlier this month. One of my favorite moments came as Jay Goodrich and I drove up to Mt Rainier for a nice sunset shoot. On our way back, the black sky was just screaming night photography. I’ve posted other shots of the [...]

Milkin’ it all the Way

It was about 11pm when we arrived back at our car on the way down from Eunice lake (see yesterday’s post here). After a long day, all we were thinking of was the comfort of a bed, yet, when Jay suggested we stop for some star trail shots, I immediately acquiesced! My excitement only grew [...]

Younes at Eunice

On Thursday, Jay Goodrich and I headed out of Seattle for a little hike around mighty Mount Rainier. Art set us out with directions to Eunice lake and off we went. What was supposed to be an easy, breezy 2.5 mile hike turned out to be more of an adventure than expected. Not only were [...]


As promised yesterday, here is a new image I made on the way to Hurricane Ridge. The light that morning wasn’t really suitable to photograph the beautiful wildflowers (lupins, indian paintbrushes, avalanche lillies and others), so we turned to an alternative subject. The mountain ridges were nicely silhouetted by the rising sun making the perfect [...]