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I am very excited to announce that Craft & Vision, publishers of fantastic photographic educational ebooks have joined the ranks of official sponsors of our Morocco Photographic Adventure. One lucky workshop participants will have a chance to win not one, not two, but thirty (yes that’s THIRTY) ebooks. Craft & Vision have in fact agreed to [...]

Stop moving, dammit

One of my favourite things to say about my take on photography is that I shoot landscapes and architecture because, unlike people, they don’t move and don’t talk back . Beside being mean spirited and aggravating, I am also quite shy, so talking people into letting me photograph them is a challenge that I seldom [...]

Watcha looking at?

I have just come back from a very productive two-week stint in Morocco with friend and distinguished photographer David Clapp scouting for potential photographic tour this coming fall. The return home is a bit of a hectic one between work, teaching and social commitments. I am well advanced in the processing of the Morocco images [...]

Recent Work Gallery updated

I have just gone through a first round of editing for my Paris and Amsterdam shots and have updated my recent work gallery as a consequence. You can see it here. I hope you enjoy them. Now back to some more editing [Translate]

The why and the how

A hectic schedule and a series of commitments have seriously reduced my “blog time” of late, hence the non-post yesterday…Thanks for your patience and understanding Today is “The Why and the How day”. In the second instalment of this feature, I would like to discuss a photograph I made on a trip to Cuba earlier [...]