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Square peg

Yup. Still going through my square phase…more to come soon. Sorry for the short posts, but things are looking up. Some exciting stuff is in the works. Stay tuned. [Translate]

Steel Sheets

Some of you already know that I am an unconditional aficionado of Frank Gehry’s architecture, and my last trip to California was an opportunity for me to fulfill a longstanding wish of mine: head to the Disney Concert Hall. Well, when I say fulfilled, only partly so. We only had about 30 min to circle [...]

Black skies

I was about to give you a break from my death valley series, when I thought you might just not be ready for it yet (well, in all honesty, I still have about 10-15 shots I’d like to post, but I am not sure I’ll make it all the way ). In any case, death [...]

December Desktop Wallpaper

I know it’s December and that it’s getting cold and dark for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, so I will spare you more wintery looks and go for a lighter, warmer approach for this month’s calendar. I hope you enjoy it. This was taken on a balmy day at Stovepipe Wells, California, where [...]


Today’s post will consist in not one, but two pictures. Despite these being intimate detail shots that hardly give you a sense of place, they best sum up what Death Valley is all about. Dry, hot, unforgiving (at least I imagine that is what it must be like in the summer days). The first one [...]