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Up, Up and Away


2012 Ottawa Workshops

(A new blog post follows this one) In case you missed it on the twitter/FB/G+-sphere, I have announced my 2012 workshop lineup for the coming year. This year I have decided to offer a more sustained lineup throughout the year, with varied offerings to suit most. There are three series of workshops this year (other [...]

Ah, Moshe!

Amanda and I had just wrapped up a shoot for a FStopGear new bag (more on that on a later post) on a glorious fall morning, when we peaked inside the National Gallery to marvel at the amazing light spectacle that was taking place. It was about noon, hardly the kind of hour great photographs [...]

Diagonally inclined

In this photo-sharing feature I post an image around a given theme and have you post links to your images (that you have taken in the past or specifically around this theme) for everyone to see and comment on. In this way, everyone gets to see everyone’s input, and hopefully learn from it. Needless to [...]

Steel Sheets

Some of you already know that I am an unconditional aficionado of Frank Gehry’s architecture, and my last trip to California was an opportunity for me to fulfill a longstanding wish of mine: head to the Disney Concert Hall. Well, when I say fulfilled, only partly so. We only had about 30 min to circle [...]