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Diagonally inclined

In this photo-sharing feature I post an image around a given theme and have you post links to your images (that you have taken in the past or specifically around this theme) for everyone to see and comment on. In this way, everyone gets to see everyone’s input, and hopefully learn from it. Needless to [...]

End of season

This time of the year is likely the slowest as far as landscape photography goes (in our region at the very least). No more snow to smooth things out, no more ice for aesthetic relief, brown grass, leafless trees. Just about everything is poo brown. What that means is: 1) I shoot something else 2) [...]

Please bear with me

I just spent most of last week in Brussels for business. Now that I am back, I have barely had time to get anything done as work is in frenzy mode pretty much non-stop these days. So before I disappear again, I have a few things I’d like to share with you: 1- It is [...]

I am not here today

That’s cuz I am here: Bret has kindly requested I provide an entry for his blog. I hope you enjoy. [Translate]

The matrix reloaded

That’s really the first thing I though about when I first came upon this scene: if like me you are a fan of the first Matrix movie (I honestly think the next two were…well…not to my liking) you probably remember a scene a the start of the movie where you see numbers and computer-generated characters [...]