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Da 35

If you’re wondering if I am still alive, well…I am. Though this pesky winter is starting to test my limits . Anyhow, I have long wanted to add to my lens reviews but never got around to doing so. When Gentec contacted me to see if I was interested to give the new Sigma 35mm [...]

Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 Lens Review

This is a long overdue review that I have had to delay for a number of months due to numerous competing priorities, but I am happy to finally be able to present it to you. First, I’d like to thank Gentec International (the Canadian supplier of several photography brands, including Sigma) for making this possibly by [...]

I am not here, I am…here. And here

I just wanted to point you to a couple of things going on the interwebs these days, with my name attached to them (yup, there are people who post stuff about me out there…kinda nuts if you want my opinion). Anyhow, here you go: First, my Sigma Pro Gallery page is now up and running. [...]

One point Four

I have definitely gone to the dark (bright?) side. This is shot at F/1.4, ladies and gentlemen. 1.4 (Sigma 85mm f/1.4) [Translate]

Vanilla Milkshake

This is just to prove Sabrina Henry wrong. Yeah, it’s getting personal [Translate]