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On previsualisation…and making the best of what you’ve got

I (and many others) preach the benefits of doing the grunt work before taking a photograph, on previsualizing your shot as (or before) you compose it. Basically, we preach shooting with a purpose, not just aimlessly point your camera at a scene and hope for the best. Now, I wish I could tell you that’s [...]

Blending Exposures

As I often get requests to explain how to manually blend exposures in photoshop, I figured I would finally post this older article of mine straight on my blog (this post appeared on Bret Edge’s blog some time ago) and make sure it is available to my readers. This alternative method can not only replace [...]

In my bag

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the landscape photographer’s arsenal (part I and part II), highlighting some of the essential gear I use on the field. It is only then that it struck me that in all that listing, I never really talked about the lenses I lug around when I go [...]

Steps and Ladders

I made it. Well, sort of. I have been after this shot for years. Literally. Before I delve into the crux of the matter, I would like to remind you that I have teamed up with Ottawa photography Garry Black to offer two new workshops this summer. Please visit our workshop page to learn more. [...]

Cool Water (not the one by Davidoff)

I love wide-angle landscape photography as much as the next guy (just in case you haven’t noticed). So when I am standing in front of a great scene with that rare beautiful sunset/rise on the verge of exploding, it is a natural reflex for me to put my 16-35mm lens on, set up and simply [...]