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A break in the clouds

My subject was on my right. The light, well, for a few moments, it was pretty lovely, with some sun breaking through the clouds to light the area…at my left. Well, life gives you lemon… Instead of bitching about it, doing nothing, regretting it wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I simply embraced it, followed [...]

Playing in the fog

A few weeks ago, I wrote on G+ about some of those images that just keep you coming back. Images that you made but that have a special connection or meaning for you. Beside the image I posted on that day, here is another one of my earliest images (it remains probably my best seller – [...]

A short-lived fall

Fall this year has been an odd one. Or at least that’s how it felt. It was summer, then one day it was late fall. The colours weren’t at their spectacular best and lasted all of a week really. All in all we didn’t have much to play with. That said on the few times [...]

Crap light

…or is it? As soon as the weather turns a bit sour, dark clouds, rain, windy, cold, most of us just pack their gear and call it a day. Yet, if there is one time you should really stick it out just a bit longer, it’s certainly during crappy weather. For one, you just never [...]

Finally, we meet again

I don’t usually post twice a week, but I figured that since I’ll be in Morocco for the next couple of weeks and that my presence may be a bit scarce, I’d throw an extra one, just in case you miss me. I’ve been looking for this waterfall for nearly three years. I stumbled upon [...]