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Da 35

If you’re wondering if I am still alive, well…I am. Though this pesky winter is starting to test my limits . Anyhow, I have long wanted to add to my lens reviews but never got around to doing so. When Gentec contacted me to see if I was interested to give the new Sigma 35mm [...]

Top 10 of 2012

Wow…what a year it has been! Insane would be an understatement… As I mentioned in this same post a year ago, 2012 promised to be a year of massive change for me personally and professionally. And boy, it didn’t disappoint! So, shortly after getting married at the end of 2011, Amanda and I worked tirelessly [...]


When the Canadian distributor for Tamrac (Gentec International) contacted me to offer me a sponsorship, I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure how to react. Obviously I was flattered and proud, Tamrac is an established manufacturer with a great reputation for solid products. However, I already had more bags than I could shake a [...]

Gear Review: F-Stop Kenti

When F-stop approached me to photograph their new Kenti bag a few months ago, I quickly jumped on the opportunity as I had been considering it. Little did I know that my wife would be even keener to jump on it, so much so that I hardly got to touch it . So, while I [...]

Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 Lens Review

This is a long overdue review that I have had to delay for a number of months due to numerous competing priorities, but I am happy to finally be able to present it to you. First, I’d like to thank Gentec International (the Canadian supplier of several photography brands, including Sigma) for making this possibly by [...]