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Bow to the Crow

So, you want surreal? This is about as surreal as it gets. The beauty with the Canadian Rockies is that you really don’t need to go very far for incredible, mind blowing scenery. Really. I mean, on this particular day, my first on my recent trip, I thought I play it nice and easy, and [...]

Old Love

Moraine and I go a long way. Back when I was young and petulant, she threw her charms at me and I was seduced in an instant. Oh, there was disappointment. There was sadness. Many a battle waged. Many losses I suffered. Yet, like a fool, I kept coming back. The lure too strong to [...]

The bear

So, I am quietly standing behind my camera, setting up a shot, when I feel someone tapping my shoulder. As you may have guessed, I was to say the least startled by the unexpected contact, since I was alone at the crack of dawn. But what a tap it was. I did feel it was [...]

Falling softly

Fall is in full swing around here and the colours are just about to peak in the area. If you are out and about in the coming week or two, here are a few tips to maximize your shooting opportunities: 1- Do your research Like many things in life, luck favours the prepared mind. Photography [...]


Last week, in the first instalment of this post, I talked about some of the essential gear for a landscape photographer, focusing on tripods, ballheads and gradient neutral density filters. Today, I am going to continue on with a focus on some additional filters and remote releases. Before I delve into the crux of the [...]