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1, 2, 3, Test…

It’s been a while… Blogging on YBphotography, shooting landscapes, traveling…it’s all been a while. Life takes you on so many unexpected tangents at times… With so much going on these days, it’s a miracle I even remember I have this site . Anyhoo…we have recently acquired some sweet lighting gear and have been trying to [...]

A garage, a woman, a blackberry

Wow! Even I get blown away by how clever my post titles are…very very clever. Anyhoo…Amanda and I headed to the new Ikea in Ottawa a few weeks back. Not to shop, not even to the store. What we were aiming for was the very cool looking new garage! Yeah! That’s what I am talking [...]

Angel wings

The content in this post is also somewhat unusual for the blog. At least in terms of the type of work I usually feature. No, it’s not about travel, or buildings or landscapes. Today, I want to discuss some of my more recent portrait work. As I have mentioned in the past few months, Amanda [...]

Photo Challenge

As I have said on this blog a few times before, I like to challenge myself sometimes to do something outside of my normal zone of comfort. Not only does it breathe some fresh air into your creative process, but it also helps sharpen your tools (or even acquire new ones). I was at a [...]

Stop moving, dammit

One of my favourite things to say about my take on photography is that I shoot landscapes and architecture because, unlike people, they don’t move and don’t talk back . Beside being mean spirited and aggravating, I am also quite shy, so talking people into letting me photograph them is a challenge that I seldom [...]