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Sorry for the lame title…too late in the evening to come up with anything better . Went to Eagle’s nest for my yearly fall pilgrimage and I wasn’t to be disappointed. The colours this year are simple stunning. I’ll let the photos do the talking. On a somewhat related topic, you can check the latest [...]

I am (almost) back.

Yes. I am still alive. And I still love you guys! I am so sorry for the long delay. too long. It has been a life-altering summer. Really. So many huge decisions, so many big moves…and there’s doublespace. I’ll tell you more about it in a month or so, but for now you’ll have to [...]

A break in the clouds

My subject was on my right. The light, well, for a few moments, it was pretty lovely, with some sun breaking through the clouds to light the area…at my left. Well, life gives you lemon… Instead of bitching about it, doing nothing, regretting it wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I simply embraced it, followed [...]

Propeller Dance

In a rare cross-posting event, I’d just like to send you over to doublespace today, where we talk about a project that is really dear to our heart: you see, the good folks at Propeller Dance have this show coming up in Ottawa, that you really can’t miss! Check it out! [Translate]

Rules are meant to be broken

My apologies for my absence last week, but there are simply way too many things happening at the moment, which makes it a bit hard to get on with everything I want to do…I promise though, there are some big changes and some great stuff coming soon. Also, stay tuned at, where we will [...]