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Sorry for the lame title…too late in the evening to come up with anything better . Went to Eagle’s nest for my yearly fall pilgrimage and I wasn’t to be disappointed. The colours this year are simple stunning. I’ll let the photos do the talking. On a somewhat related topic, you can check the latest [...]

Falling softly

Fall is in full swing around here and the colours are just about to peak in the area. If you are out and about in the coming week or two, here are a few tips to maximize your shooting opportunities: 1- Do your research Like many things in life, luck favours the prepared mind. Photography [...]

Crap light

…or is it? As soon as the weather turns a bit sour, dark clouds, rain, windy, cold, most of us just pack their gear and call it a day. Yet, if there is one time you should really stick it out just a bit longer, it’s certainly during crappy weather. For one, you just never [...]

Secret Garden, revisited

Since my return from Morocco I have been extremely busy with a lot of photo projects. Alongside a few things that I can’t quite disclose yet, I have been splitting my time between teaching classes at Henry’s School of Imaging, private workshops and spending inordinate amounts on new (but I assure you necessary) gear purchases. [...]

Into the vortex

Regular readers of my blog already know that I am a Frank Gehry unconditional. The guy is just brilliant. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has been on my to-do list for sometime, but my visits to the centre of the universe were few and far between. So during my last visit to Trawna (or Toronto [...]