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Postcard from Morocco

Well that went fast. Real fast. I can’t quite believe that my Land of Contrasts adventure in Morocco has come and gone. Eight days of fun-filled, food-packed and superb light action. Suffice it to say that we had a fantastic group of people down in Morocco and that a great time and amazing memories were [...]

Falling softly

Fall is in full swing around here and the colours are just about to peak in the area. If you are out and about in the coming week or two, here are a few tips to maximize your shooting opportunities: 1- Do your research Like many things in life, luck favours the prepared mind. Photography [...]

Crap light

…or is it? As soon as the weather turns a bit sour, dark clouds, rain, windy, cold, most of us just pack their gear and call it a day. Yet, if there is one time you should really stick it out just a bit longer, it’s certainly during crappy weather. For one, you just never [...]


I am very excited to announce that Craft & Vision, publishers of fantastic photographic educational ebooks have joined the ranks of official sponsors of our Morocco Photographic Adventure. One lucky workshop participants will have a chance to win not one, not two, but thirty (yes that’s THIRTY) ebooks. Craft & Vision have in fact agreed to [...]

The Elusive Moment

In Photography, you hear everyone talking about the “decisive moment”. This term coined by the famous father of photojournalism Henri-Cartier Bresson refers to that “creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition [...]