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Spring is around the corner

…a looong corner, mind you, but the corner nonetheless. Before I delve into today’s post, let me first thank you all for the great feedback you have provided on last week’s post. I strive to provide you with the best possible experience here, and knowing what you think and what you are looking for helps [...]

Breaking the Rules…and your turn now.

A lot of people, including myself, are always talking about breaking rules to expand your photographic horizons, yet, we just like everyone, we often fall in the same traps of routine and habit (if only to maximise chances of success or “save time”). However, I find myself continuously amazed at how much more I like the “rule-breaking” images compared to [...]


If there is a fault in my composition that  I am willing to acknowledge more than any other (not that there are any, of course, my photography is flippin’ flawless, and damn it, you ain’t gonna think otherwise!! Gee, people, how dare you criticize my photography before even…what? Mic is on? oh. ah well. Ladies [...]

I could give this one a title

but then again, I choose not to. Not because I am tease. I would never do that to you. Never… This is another shot from the Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley. The B&W conversion was done in Nik Silver Effex Pro, which has become my mainstay B&W converter. The control point tool is a fantastic [...]

A little break…

…from the desert. This is still from my recent California trip. As we are being snowed, rained and sleeted upon today, a little touch of warmth and surf feels just like the perfect tonic. This one is from El Matador beach near Malibu. This beach, which is only accessible at low tide, is a must [...]