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Time to rethink the camera

In the long list of long overdue posts, this one sits right at the top. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but the recent releases of the Nikon D4 and D800 have certainly brought this to the forefront in my somewhat scattered brain. Note that I will be mostly talking about Nikon, [...]

Desperately Seeking Suntan

As I am making this post, the temperature has not gone higher than -12C, with nice dips into the -31C range. Not fit for beast. Not fit for Human. Yes, I am being a bit wimpy. I actually love winters (you wouldn’t tell reading this…). So here is some much needed glimpse of hope. If [...]

In my bag

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the landscape photographer’s arsenal (part I and part II), highlighting some of the essential gear I use on the field. It is only then that it struck me that in all that listing, I never really talked about the lenses I lug around when I go [...]

Plan A

For those of you who actually pay attention to what I say (I like to pretend there’s many of you), I spoke in my last post about always having a plan B. Well, I thought it may be worthwhile to show you what my plan A was in the first place, since I never really [...]


I was in Montreal last week for training. On the way back home I couldn’t help but stop at the Palais des Congres near the metro. I managed to sneak a few shots before I hopped on the bus. I simply couldn’t resist the display of colours and awesome diagonals the building offered at every [...]