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Which one is it?

So, I am getting ready to announce my next Moroccan adventure but find myself facing a bit of a dilemma. There are two major draws on my tours: 1- the blue city of Chefchaouen and 2-The dunes of Merzouga. These two places are beautiful, magical, amazing. They in and of themselves could make a tour. [...]

Morocco Adventure 2011 Redux Redux, The second coming

As promised yesterday, today is Michelle’s turn to shine with her Moroccan crop of photographs. Again, thank you Stephanie and Michelle for coming along for the ride and for generously accepting to be featured here! [Translate]

Desperately Seeking Suntan

As I am making this post, the temperature has not gone higher than -12C, with nice dips into the -31C range. Not fit for beast. Not fit for Human. Yes, I am being a bit wimpy. I actually love winters (you wouldn’t tell reading this…). So here is some much needed glimpse of hope. If [...]

Sunny send off


Chiaroscuro Due