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Today I am very pleased to announce that after almost two years of careful planning and preparation, that I will be offering a brand new photographic adventure to the land where I was born: Morocco. This is not a fast-paced tour that puts quantity ahead of quality. I deliberately chose to reduce the number of [...]

Gear Review: F-Stop Gear Tilopa BC Backpack

When it comes to photo backpacks, photographers are probably worse than Celine Dion agonizing over a pair of shoes. You need one for every occasion and there is never a perfect pack for every occasion. In my case, I have a lot of requirements that are seemingly incompatible. I hike a lot, sometime deep into [...]

On previsualisation…and making the best of what you’ve got

I (and many others) preach the benefits of doing the grunt work before taking a photograph, on previsualizing your shot as (or before) you compose it. Basically, we preach shooting with a purpose, not just aimlessly point your camera at a scene and hope for the best. Now, I wish I could tell you that’s [...]

Diagonally inclined

In this photo-sharing feature I post an image around a given theme and have you post links to your images (that you have taken in the past or specifically around this theme) for everyone to see and comment on. In this way, everyone gets to see everyone’s input, and hopefully learn from it. Needless to [...]

Blending Exposures

As I often get requests to explain how to manually blend exposures in photoshop, I figured I would finally post this older article of mine straight on my blog (this post appeared on Bret Edge’s blog some time ago) and make sure it is available to my readers. This alternative method can not only replace [...]