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Loggin’ times

Back to Bow lake, a few minutes before sunrise… [Translate]

A river was born

Not my typical fare, as I am more of of a golden hour type of guy. Sometimes, though, the scene just screams to be captured in all its glory. Some sweet late afternoon light, sweeping views and mountains as far as they eye can see…This is the place of birth of the Bow River. [Translate]

The bear

So, I am quietly standing behind my camera, setting up a shot, when I feel someone tapping my shoulder. As you may have guessed, I was to say the least startled by the unexpected contact, since I was alone at the crack of dawn. But what a tap it was. I did feel it was [...]

White forest, Black forest

Some stories just jump at you unannounced. Others take years to make. Yet others are a bit of both. This is one of those. I have been scouting this little forest for years now, always wishing and hoping for a good snow dump. Not any kind of snow, it had to be wet and sticky. [...]

A sense of scale

In a recent post, I discussed how adding a human element to an urban scene makes us connect with an image in ways that an empty building can’t.  That human element simply takes the image to another level. While I have resisted doing the same for natural landscapes for the longest time, I have to [...]