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Plan A

For those of you who actually pay attention to what I say (I like to pretend there’s many of you), I spoke in my last post about always having a plan B. Well, I thought it may be worthwhile to show you what my plan A was in the first place, since I never really [...]

Follow the curve

Sometimes, you just never know where you will find your next subject or when inspiration will hit you and start your neurons firing all over the place. As I was heading to board my plane to Brussels a few weeks ago, I came across this odd sculpture at Toronto’s Pearson airport, when my head said [...]

The matrix reloaded

That’s really the first thing I though about when I first came upon this scene: if like me you are a fan of the first Matrix movie (I honestly think the next two were…well…not to my liking) you probably remember a scene a the start of the movie where you see numbers and computer-generated characters [...]

The beauty of technology

It is strange how often as technology evolves, it tends to be derided, even demonised at times. To this day, there are still people who use only film claiming that digital simply looks fake (now don’t get me wrong, I think film is terrific, but so is digital, the fact that you choose one over [...]

Milkin’ it all the Way

It was about 11pm when we arrived back at our car on the way down from Eunice lake (see yesterday’s post here). After a long day, all we were thinking of was the comfort of a bed, yet, when Jay suggested we stop for some star trail shots, I immediately acquiesced! My excitement only grew [...]