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Da 35

If you’re wondering if I am still alive, well…I am. Though this pesky winter is starting to test my limits . Anyhow, I have long wanted to add to my lens reviews but never got around to doing so. When Gentec contacted me to see if I was interested to give the new Sigma 35mm [...]

Warm Beach Anyone? Or how I made this image

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Buuuueller? No one image has made me look crazier than this one. ever. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Imagine yourself on a gorgeous beach, in a resort. People are wrapping up their day slowly. This guy shows up with a backpack the size of California. He starts pulling stuff [...]

The why and the how

A hectic schedule and a series of commitments have seriously reduced my “blog time” of late, hence the non-post yesterday…Thanks for your patience and understanding Today is “The Why and the How day”. In the second instalment of this feature, I would like to discuss a photograph I made on a trip to Cuba earlier [...]

Cuba Si!

It's not often that I go on lazy vacations, but there you go, that was just what the doctor ordered for my battered body and soul. I hopped on a plane and drove straight to an all inclusive resort in beautiful, hot Cuba! And boy did I love it...