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Poking through

Texture, lines, contrast are all elements of visual design that can be used to build your images around. You can use them separately or jointly. You may use them as such or to convey motion or emotion. Whatever you choose to do, do so with intent, but always allow some room for play and experimentation… [...]

Ah, Moshe!

Amanda and I had just wrapped up a shoot for a FStopGear new bag (more on that on a later post) on a glorious fall morning, when we peaked inside the National Gallery to marvel at the amazing light spectacle that was taking place. It was about noon, hardly the kind of hour great photographs [...]

April Desktop Wallpaper and Calendar

Better late than never, I guess. At least, you get the freshest of my images, right off the presses . This image was taken from the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower in Boston, a must see for anyone passing through the city of Boston. It’s a bit of a contortionist act getting these images while [...]

The matrix reloaded

That’s really the first thing I though about when I first came upon this scene: if like me you are a fan of the first Matrix movie (I honestly think the next two were…well…not to my liking) you probably remember a scene a the start of the movie where you see numbers and computer-generated characters [...]

Winter photography, Part II

Last week, I provided a few tips on how to handle your photographic gear in the winter (see Part I). Now, while winter does impose some constraints on how to use the gear, it certainly opens up a number of shooting opportunities that would not be there otherwise. 1. Snow, exposed. As some  of you [...]