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Today I am very pleased to announce that after almost two years of careful planning and preparation, that I will be offering a brand new photographic adventure to the land where I was born: Morocco. This is not a fast-paced tour that puts quantity ahead of quality. I deliberately chose to reduce the number of [...]

Stop moving, dammit

One of my favourite things to say about my take on photography is that I shoot landscapes and architecture because, unlike people, they don’t move and don’t talk back . Beside being mean spirited and aggravating, I am also quite shy, so talking people into letting me photograph them is a challenge that I seldom [...]

Steel Sheets

Some of you already know that I am an unconditional aficionado of Frank Gehry’s architecture, and my last trip to California was an opportunity for me to fulfill a longstanding wish of mine: head to the Disney Concert Hall. Well, when I say fulfilled, only partly so. We only had about 30 min to circle [...]

Sleepless in Paris

Well, not exactly in Paris…only about 6000km away, but sleepless nonetheless. I just realised recently, as I stumbled across my archives, that I posted very few images from my trip to Paris in September of last year. So I figured that, in keeping with this week’s theme of large cities with beautiful architecture, some images [...]