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April Desktop Wallpaper and Calendar

Better late than never, I guess. At least, you get the freshest of my images, right off the presses . This image was taken from the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower in Boston, a must see for anyone passing through the city of Boston. It’s a bit of a contortionist act getting these images while [...]

March 2010 Monthly Desktop Wallpaper and Calendar

Spring is in the air! Can’t deny it. People will complain about the slush, the rain and the ice, but I couldn’t care less, spring is coming fast. Warm air, fresh grass and no more shoveling… As usual you can download the wallpaper in 3 sizes: 1280 1024 800 Enjoy! [Translate]

February 2010 Desktop Wallpaper and other business

Time really flies, whether you are having fun or not…This past month has gone before I could even know it had come! I have got some exciting stuff coming up and that’s giving the energy I need to get through some of the insane temperatures we’ve been experiencing of late (MINUS 33 with the windchill [...]

January Desktop wallpaper and Calendar

It’s a new year, a new decade, but it’s not like anything will have changed from yesterday. Which is why, I am continuing the now almost year old tradition on this blog to post a monthly desktop wallpaper. Given the popularity of last week’s post “beaming” , I thought I’d reward my faithful readers with [...]

Monthly Calendar and Desktop Wallpaper November 2009

As usual, this is the time for our monthly calendar and desktop wallpaper rendez-vous. This one is taken only a few miles away from my house as I rushed to catch an amazing sunset. Well, I never made it in time, but the residual light was very interesting and I took the opportunity to shoot [...]