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Patience Pays Off

I have been waiting for years to make these images. Literally. I had the images in my mind’s eye. I knew (more or less) exactly what I wanted. I knew the conditions that I needed to make it a reality. Unfortunately, when these conditions materialized in the last few years, I was never in a [...]

One point Four

I have definitely gone to the dark (bright?) side. This is shot at F/1.4, ladies and gentlemen. 1.4 (Sigma 85mm f/1.4) [Translate]

Black and White


On previsualisation…and making the best of what you’ve got

I (and many others) preach the benefits of doing the grunt work before taking a photograph, on previsualizing your shot as (or before) you compose it. Basically, we preach shooting with a purpose, not just aimlessly point your camera at a scene and hope for the best. Now, I wish I could tell you that’s [...]

Square peg

Yup. Still going through my square phase…more to come soon. Sorry for the short posts, but things are looking up. Some exciting stuff is in the works. Stay tuned. [Translate]