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Crossing the Tichka

If you are familiar with my work, you have taken a look at my “Contrasts” gallery. This gallery curates a personal project where I have been trying a different slant on my landscape photography. The images I make for this project aim to distill the essence of the landscape through the use of simple and elegant [...]

One scene, three photos

While driving from Merzouga (the sand dunes) to Marrakech during my last Morocco Photo tour, we happened upon some pretty light near Ouarzazate, prompting me to bring the minibus to a screeching halt. (This was pretty much at noon by the way, so you just never know). As soon as we got out, I knew [...]

On previsualisation…and making the best of what you’ve got

I (and many others) preach the benefits of doing the grunt work before taking a photograph, on previsualizing your shot as (or before) you compose it. Basically, we preach shooting with a purpose, not just aimlessly point your camera at a scene and hope for the best. Now, I wish I could tell you that’s [...]