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Poking through

Texture, lines, contrast are all elements of visual design that can be used to build your images around. You can use them separately or jointly. You may use them as such or to convey motion or emotion. Whatever you choose to do, do so with intent, but always allow some room for play and experimentation… [...]


It’s just hard to argue with good light. Sometimes, when it comes together, it can just make places sing… Twilight, or blue hour, is certainly one of those times when photographing architectural works…One exposure, that’s all you need… [Translate]

doublespace for the win

I’ve been dropping hints for the last little while. I have been tweeting about it timidly for the last week or so.  But now it’s all out in the open. I can officially that my venture with Amanda is off the ground for good! We have a new logo, a new business, a new website and [...]

Gaudi’s Giraffe

Tune in tomorrow for a new gear review… [Translate]

Up, Up and Away