December Desktop Wallpaper

I know it’s December and that it’s getting cold and dark for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, so I will spare you more wintery looks and go for a lighter, warmer approach for this month’s calendar. I hope you enjoy it. This was taken on a balmy day at Stovepipe Wells, California, where the temperature had already reached 77 by the time we made it back for breakfast…

As usual, you can download this image in three sizes by clicking on the links below:

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November Desktop Wallpaper

Sorry I skipped last month’s wallpaper, but things got a bit out of hand at the end of September, and the trip to Tokyo did nothing to help that. Tokyo is where this month’s wallpaper hails from. I came across this Buddhist monk in one of Tokyo’s busiest streets in the Ginza district (?). This fellow stood in the blazing sun for what seems like an eternity, providing quite the contrast with the bustling activity surrounding him. I looked for a way to capture that zen feeling around him, by simplifying the composition to the extent possible. I really liked how the sidewalk mirrored the man’s clothing…

As you may have noticed, I’ve decided to provide larger versions of the wallpaper from now on. You simply have to click on the desired size below. I hope you enjoy it.

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September Desktop Wallpaper

For this month I chose this image from a magical morning in Morocco’s Merzouga dunes. The first time I ever witnessed a sunrise in the desert certainly lived up and even exceeded my expectations. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did making it. For an idea of the scale of these dunes, simply check out the human silhouettes on top of the leftmost high dune…staggering, really…

201009 monthly desktop wallpaper 800

1280 1024 800

August Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

It’s that time again…For this month, I chose a picture taken only a few minutes away from my home at Ottawa’s Shirley’s Bay. I used a Hoya ND400 10 stop filter to capture the fast moving clouds in the scene. The last light of the day contributed to the cold white-balance, which I chose to maintain in post-processing.

August 2010 800

You can download the wallpaper by following one of the links below:

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June Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

After close to a year of offering the monthly desktop calendar and wallpaper, I have opted for a slight format change. I figure that a calendar has limited appeal in that it puts a cap on how long you can use the wallpaper. As such, I have decided to drop the “calendar” portion and simply offer a desktop wallpaper that you can download and use at anytime, independently of when I post it on the blog. As usual, the image is offered in 3 sizes to try and accommodate most users.

201006 June Monthly Wallpaper 800

This image comes from the Oulilimt valley in the heart of the Moroccan High Atlas (it’s about a 3 day walk from anywhere). As the valley narrows to its end, it gathers into a beautiful, red-walled gorge surrounded by odd-shaped hoodoos. As I was shooting sunset in the middle of the gorge, I was drawn by these shapes and the beautifully lit clouds overhead. I went for a simple silhouette that leaves all the focus on the shapes and colours. As usual, to download it you simply have to click on one of the links below, right-click on the image and choose “use as desktop wallpaper”.

1280 1024 800