Photo of the month

Photo of the Month – June 2009

It’s that time of the month, no, not that one!  I meant it’s the third Monday of the month, so it’s photo of the month time!

I was showing a friend some pictures from my trip to the Canadian Rockies a couple of years back and stumbled on this one that has rarely made it outside of my hard drive. It really reminds of those psychology inkblot tests, so I decided to name it Rorschach’s Enigma. The photograph was taken at lower waterfowl lake a few kilometers outside of Lake Louise (56 to be exact). It was one of those magical evenings that only the Rockies have the recipes for. Nice and warm, beautiful fluffy clouds overhead. A little hike to the base of Mt- Cephren didn’t prove overly productive photo-wise, so we decided to get back to our campsite only to realise that the place was photo-opp central! These rain clouds threathened us for most of the day but never brought their lot of water and misery. Instead, they decided to put on a show. Travelling at warp speeds and taking all sorts of shapes and conformations, they really made this one of the most memorable evenings of the trip.

As usual, I offer a 10% discount on print purchases for the photo of the month, you KNOW it’s worth it ;-) .


On a completely unrelated topics, this week is the last week I will be able to post regularly in a little while. I am heading to Europe for work during the next week, then as soon as I get back, I will head out to Washington state to meet Art Wolfe and Jay Goodrich for a nice little photo trip around the state. I’ll try my best to update the blog throughout this period and hopefully be able to post some trip updates as they come along. That also means you should watch out for next month’s Wallpaper, which will be posted this week.

Photo of the Month and other business

Yes, I admit it. I’ve really neglected the “Photo of the Month” feature. Don’t know why really…just kind of forgot about it I guess. So here it is, yet again!

May’s photo of the month is really not in the style I have grown accustomed to. That said, it fits perfectly with my blog’s theme: out of focus. I have recently read Freeman Patterson’s “The Art of Seeing“, where he talks at length about opening your mind, expanding your vision and simply not taking anything for granted. As I was trying to photograph dew drops on a cool morning while camping last week, I noticed that when the pine needles were out of focus, the drops turned into nice specular highlights. Even better, I was lucky to get one drop that diffracted into a gorgeous little rainbow. The out of focus leaves emphasized the dreamy look.

20090517 charlevoix hautes-gorges malbaie spring river dew drop rainbow 0053

On the  other business front, I want to make a few announcements:

In addition to the photo of the month feature which will appear on the last Monday of every month, the Friday Round-up will also become a steady fixture on this blog. Every Friday, I will post links to the blog posts I liked the most during that week and hope that you enjoy them too.

Given the large success of the twitter interview with Richard Wong last week, I have prepared another very exciting interview for tomorrow on the future of photography, but with a twist: tomorrow, I will air the first ever podcast on Out of Focus. My guest will be stock photo guru Jack Hollingsworth. So, stay tuned for a really exciting post.

Finally, yours truly will be featured in a couple of interviews on the triple dubya this week, more on that to come through the course of the week.

Have a great week everyone!


Well, they say better late than never, so here is the photo of the month. October has been extremely busy with work, travel as well as photo-related adventures, including my first photo workshop and two publications that came out this month. This picture was taken along the shore of Lac Leman in Geneva, just a few minutes away from my hotel. Stormy skies had dominated the area the entire day, but as dusk approached, the clouds started clearing. A two minute exposure was necessary to show cloud movements here. The pink hues in the clouds are due to light reflecting from the French side of the lake.  Cars passing by in the street behind me, illuminated the little pier just enough to get the reddish glow.



It has been a busy month preparing for the fall workshop, magazine publications, submissions , so this month’s entry is a bit late. This is a shot I have just recently processed from my Rockies trip in October 2007. This particular one is an unusual take from the famous Lake Louise. The morning sun was just peaking from behind a thick cloud cover while a snowstorm was raging above the peaks. I thought this layered composition translated the light conditions perfectly. More can be seen in the Mountains Gallery.



Floe Lake is one of the premiere backcountry destinations in the Canadian Rockies. The lake is dominated by a 1000m “Rockwall” that looms overhead. This shot was taken about 30 min before sunrise on a cold and very blue morning. I partially desaturated the colours to accentuate the feel of pre-dawn darkness and chill in the air. More can be seen in the Mountains Gallery.