Bow to the Crow

crowfoot glacier close up with earth's shadow

So, you want surreal? This is about as surreal as it gets.

The beauty with the Canadian Rockies is that you really don’t need to go very far for incredible, mind blowing scenery. Really. I mean, on this particular day, my first on my recent trip, I thought I play it nice and easy, and literally just stepped out of my hotel room for some jaw dropping sunrise shoot.

That’s what I thought at least! I knew that venturing anywhere else always ran the risk of some bear encounters (see 2 posts ago), but really, how crazy can it get less than 100ft from your lodge, right? WRONG!

Crowfoot Glacier from Bow Lake

As I am setting up on the lakeshore, the ground below me starts shaking with quite some force, almost throwing me off balance. The shock was sudden and unexpected and left me wondering whether I should run for my life or just crouch down and wait for it to pass. As the tremors slowly subsided and I began to recover my senses, I noticed that the mountain across the lake had started moving. Yes, moving. From an amorphous of rock and dirt, it began unfolding, expanding, taking form.  I am not sure if it was the fear within me or just the overall commotion, but I couldn’t quite tell what it was. Then all the sudden, I saw this pair of enormous black wings spreading, taking shape, flapping in the atmosphere around it. The wings flapped, once, then twice, then this giant creature took off in the skies above.  I am not sure I fully understood when it screamed overhead, but I thought it had to do with Bowing to the Crow…Not sure I will ever know.

As quickly as it came about, it vanished never to be seen again. I only have my (somewhat shaky) memories to account for it as my hands just froze and couldn’t muster a shot from my camera, but it will be with me forever, unreal, yet so vivid.

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Was it real, was it all my imagination? I am not sure I will ever know…