Two for one

I just can’t say enough about how the iPhone has revived me photographically. Not that I was dead or anything, but just having a camera with me at all times has been thoroughly liberating. This is a quick snap I took on my way to work at the old city hall in Otown. I have been dreaming of photographing this place for some rime now, but take you SLR to the buildjg and your kicked out before you know it. Apparently though not all cameras are created equal, an SLR labels you as potentially dangerous while a sneaky, smaller iPhone, well everyone has one of those, how bad can it be, right?

This the first post I prepared entirely on my wordpress app, can’t wait to see how it works out.

In the metro

A quick grab with my iPhone in the  Montreal subway.

photo copy

The best camera…

…is the one you have with you.


Younes Bounhar iPhone

Needless to say that no matter how great your vision is, not having a camera with you will not help you get any pictures. It is simply a practical reality for me that I can’t have my SLR with me every day when I head to work. For the longest time, I just pestered at the missed opportunities, blamed this and that, and the other for my inability to take pictures. Yet, nothing said that a picture MUST be taken with an SLR. So what was stopping me? OK, you can’t really answer this question (it’s not that you can’t, but I just won’t let you, cuz I know what you will say, especially you Justin, yes I mean you, you know who you are :D …anyway, I digress).

Enters the iPhone. Other than the fact that it’s just a great piece of technology, the main reason I got my iPhone was specifically to be able to take pictures at will, whenever I feel like it.

The advantages are two-fold: 1) obviously, you have a camera on you at all times, that’s a big plus; 2) contrary to an SLR, you have almost zero control: no lens changes, no aperture or shutter speed setting, zero, nada, zilch. The result is in fact quite counter-intuitive: by restricting your possibilities, you in fact free your mind of its constraints. You have a set of parameters to work with, it’s now up to you to do something with them. From a creative perspective, I must say it is liberating. Instead of going for a different lens to produce the look you always produce, now you have to come up with a different way to view the same subject.

Now each week from now on, I will try (time allowing) to post an image I took with my iPhone.