Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup July 10 2009

What  a week it was, flew by like a whirlwind…busy, packed week. Just the perfect tonic I needed before flying out West for a much needed photo trip around Washington State!

In a non-photo related category,  I had the immense pleasure to see a living legend showcase his art a couple of nights ago: Jeff Beck. While I knew of him more than I knew him, as a guitar aficionado, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss…and boy he didn’t disappoint. The guy rocked the place like he was 20 years old. The music was simply awesome. Not only is he a uniquely gifted musician, but he surrounded himself with some world class band mates. I couldn’t get up close, so I had to be quite creative to get interesting shots…I’ll let you be the judges (well if you promise to be nice :D ).


A shot but sweet Friday Roundup this week:

As a gearhead myself, I couldn’t pass up the juicy bit of scoop/speculation/rumours on Chase Jarvis’ blog yesterday…Nikon fans : hang on to your hats, this is gonna be a fun ride (not for your wallets though): check it here.

Gary Crabbe publishes a weekly “ABSOLUTELY MUST READ” list of photography business posts, while I hope you won’t ditch my Friday Roundup for his, he should be at the top of your list (right after me of course).

Still on the business side of photography, check out this post for 10 things you could do right now for your Photo business at Lighting Essentials.

Last but not least, here is some mind boggling Black and White photography by Josef Hoflefner to end the week on a  most beautiful note!

I will be away next week, so I am not sure how often I can check back (if at all). I’ll catch up with you later!

Friday Roundup #5

This is likely to be my last post for a little while as I won’t be around much in the next week. As usual, friday is the day where I gather a few interesting posts I have come across during the week.

Many many great links to choose from this time…So let’s get the ball rolling.

Here, David Duchemin (yes he comes up often, but what can I do if the guy is brilliant!), talks about what makes a photographer. Are you a photographer because you make a living out of it or simply because you own a camera? A very interesting discussion ensues.

Next, Phil Colla tackles the subject of metadata and asset management. This is an area where I am cruelly lacking, so it was a very welcome addition to my knowledge base. First, Phil explains why metadata is important then goes on to a step-by-step description of his workflow. Surely, a few lessons to be learned there.

Richard Wong has made a terrific compilation of his top 10 most influential nature photographers. A really awesome list, some expected names, some I didn’t even know (gosh, I did think  Iknew it all!!).

In Jim Goldtein’s words “Reputation management is the monitoring of how an individual, company or other entities are perceived online.  Online reputation is centered on trust. The greater the trust with in an online community around an individual, company, etc. the more often their content is to be referenced online, the more business that they’re likely to acquire and the more likely they’ll develop a following.” Jim then goes on to explain how social media are used to build brand recognition. Do yourself a favor and get ahead of the curve by reading this post.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you that this month’s wallpaper/calendar is already out, you can download it here.

See you soon!

PS: I will try my best to stay in touch via twitter, so drop me a line once in a while :) .


Friday Roundup #4

Here are the links from my weekly internet roaming experiences.

First, I’d like to send you to this photoblog I came across through Twitter.  David Nightingale runs this amazing blog and photo website at Definitely worth your while!

Master Joe McNally, the renowned speedlight hero and guru, spreads some of his magic and knowledge in his most recent blog post using a bedsheet (!) as a diffuser. Check it here. Pure awesomeness at work.

Finally, Sherri Meyer posts a weekly collection of worthwhile tweets (twitter messages). You can be sure you’ll find something to interest you there.

Thassit for today. Have a great week-end everyone!

Friday Roundup #3

It’s been a long and busy week, but thankfully it’s over :)

As usual, today is the day I gather a few interesting links I found throughout the week.

First I’d like to start with two really really cool travel photographers, they are sure to take your breath away with their gorgeous imagery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Jeffrey Chapman is the first,  Mitchell Kanashkevich is the second.

Next, if you are really interested in becoming a full time pro photographer, Gary Crabbe, is now offering a photography business workshop. Gary is not only a terrific photographer, but he also has a vast experience in the field, so be sure to check him out here.

Yuri Acurs, one of the most successful stock shooters today, generously shares his knowledge and experience. In this post, he details the behind the scenes work of one of his shoots, from the planning to the execution. A very enlightening read.

Finally, as photographers we all have phases where self-doubt and fear takes over our lives and stalls our drive to succeed. If you need a boost of self-confidence or a bit of reassurance that you are on the right track, do check out David duChemin post Undeniable Awesomeness & Perseverance.

That’s it for today, that should keep you busy for some time ;) . I wish you all a great week-end!


Friday Roundup June 5 2009

It’s been a quick but very busy week. This week’s roundup will be equally quick :) .

Darwin Wiggett and Jay Goodrich have had the brilliant idea of cross-posting on each other’s blogs. The first post of the series address the question of where creativity comes from. Great insight, entertaining writing and obviously terrific photography to be had:

Here is Jay’s post on Darwin’s blog:

And vice versa:

On another order of ideas, one of my favorite bloggers and photographers, Guy Tal,  says “…you are there to make images of beautiful experiences. Make it a beautiful experience first, and you will have something to photograph.”   Guy discusses a dilemma that many of us come across so often, which what drives to photograph, but mostly how do you not lose sight of the big picture, no pun intended. I highly recommend reading “Answering the most important question”.

I would also like to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion if you don’t mind. Check out my workshops page, there are still spots open for my fall workshops, a lot of fun and great photos to be had! Also, a big thanks to Suprada Urval who graciously interviewed me as part of her ongoing Photo Talk series. Please check it out here and take a look at Suprada’s beautiful photography.

Last but not least, I’d like to send you to the site of one of my favorite tweeples (twitter friends): Christine Glade is a terrific photographer with a great personality to boot. This particular section of her portfolio is a series of photographs around the theme “Color is a verb” a true visual delight! Check them out here.

That’s it for today. I wish you all a great week-end.