It’s just hard to argue with good light. Sometimes, when it comes together, it can just make places sing…

Twilight, or blue hour, is certainly one of those times when photographing architectural works…One exposure, that’s all you need…

Propeller Dance

In a rare cross-posting event, I’d just like to send you over to doublespace today, where we talk about a project that is really dear to our heart: you see, the good folks at Propeller Dance have this show coming up in Ottawa, that you really can’t miss! Check it out!

Concrete Yoga

We’ve been keeping this little project under wrap for a number of weeks as we were waiting for the launch of the doublespace photography blog, but we can now finally air it.

We’ve had this idea for quite sometime but we finally got around to doing it. Amanda and I both love the ramp and the Via Train Station in Ottawa and have been talking about doing something interesting with it for some time. When a previous project to do some photography with a few yogis couldn’t come together in time for what we had first intended, we thought that the combination of the two could be interesting: Yoga, meet busy, cold concrete and train station.

Once we secured the authorisations and the partcipation of Madhuri and Katie, we  pulled off a fast-paced 1-hour shoot at said location. Here are a few takes from it. For more images, head out to our doublespace blog today.

woman practising yoga on concrete fall at Ottawa Train Station
woman practising yoga on concrete fall at Ottawa Train Station

doublespace for the win

I’ve been dropping hints for the last little while. I have been tweeting about it timidly for the last week or so.  But now it’s all out in the open. I can officially that my venture with Amanda is off the ground for good!

We have a new logo, a new business, a new website and a new blog. doublespace will be the space for us to showcase our commercial photography. We are first starting with architecture and interior design, but will slowly be integrating other sides to our commercial venture, such as portraiture and conceptual imagery. In the meantime, I will leave you with some images from our portfolio, and a teaser from the blog. I also invite you to visit both and would love to hear from you.

doublespace architecture photographer barcelona pavilion van der rohedoublespace architecture photographer Hotel Exterior swimming pooldoublespace photographer interior design Hotel Indigo lounge lobby ottawa hospitality

Angel wings

The content in this post is also somewhat unusual for the blog. At least in terms of the type of work I usually feature. No, it’s not about travel, or buildings or landscapes. Today, I want to discuss some of my more recent portrait work. As I have mentioned in the past few months, Amanda and I are working on building our commercial photography venture, and part of that involves pushing our lighting and portrait work.

For this particular shoot, we had been talking about scoping out this overpass for quite some time. When the sunset appeared to be promising, we made a quick run for it. The light, unfortunately, quickly faded and didn’t offer us much to work with. Not to be undone, we proceeded to simply make our own. With the light quickly fading, we had to work real fast to be able to pull this off. When we arrived, we immediately knew that we wanted to work with the horizontal bars holding the fences together. To make the best use of them, we set up a couple of strobes at the back of the scene. These were CTO’d to add some warm colours and contrast nicely with the blue twilight sky. These lights were also used to provide a nice rim light around Amanda’s hair. Another strobe in a 43 inch westcott umbrella was positioned behind the camera to provide some fill light for Amanda’s face. The tricky part here was to balance this with the ambient light to catch the twilight colours. This involved setting my D700 at ISO 3200, which at f/6.3 (sorry can’t explain that one, I just had to work quickly and the flashes already worked well for that aperture) gave a shutter speed of 1/15s. With the darkness quickly setting in, the hardest part was nailing focus as AF clearly had nothing to work with and MF was quite trying. Thankfully out of the 3 frames I shot with this composition, I managed to get one in focus.

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