Back to the Rocks

Well let me tell you, the transition to full time photography has been quite the unexpected rides and saw us pretty much shooting non-stop for the last few months…meaning no time for landscape or urban photography..I also realized I hadn’t finished with the shots from the Rockies…so more on that :) .

These two shots are probably my favourites from the entire trip. It was a cold and stormy morning, with heavy clouds furiously moving through the valley. Rain on and off down in the valley. Snow on the higher mountain peaks. The moving clouds just allowed enough sunlight to peak through from time to time. The minute I saw the peak of Cascade mountain light up, I knew what shot I wanted to get. It was just a matter of waiting out the clouds…

Cascade mountain in a storm

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One Response to Back to the Rocks

  1. I like the dark moodiness. That blue in the first one is an amazing backdrop.