White forest, Black forest

Some stories just jump at you unannounced. Others take years to make. Yet others are a bit of both. This is one of those.

I have been scouting this little forest for years now, always wishing and hoping for a good snow dump. Not any kind of snow, it had to be wet and sticky. It had to stick to the trees. In a specific way. The conditions finally arose this past week-end. We weren’t going to be denied. Hallelujah, our time has come :) .

Once in the forest, Amanda heads out to do her own thing, I on the other hand go on to wait and see Amanda doing her own thing. Her thing usually ends up being more fun. So I sit and stalk (technically since I married her I take it for granted that I am allowed to stalk). This a combination of me and her. I hope you enjoy it.

To make things more fun, I only allowed myself one lens: my beloved Sigma 85mm f/1.4. Mighty Bokeh Goodness.

I used the Brenizer method here (4 images merged in PS CS4)

Amanda doing her thing

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8 Responses to White forest, Black forest

  1. Definitely needed more for Brenizer MORE MOAR!

  2. Mitch C. says:

    You creapy-creapy man… stalking a woman wearing red through the forest. LOL…guess that makes you the big bad wolf. ;)

    Just discovered the Brenizer method a couple of months ago…your shot is awesome. Question though, why crop out the boots?

    Oh, and I read…”Mighty Bokeh Goddess” the first time. :)

    • Younes says:

      Big Bad Wolf is one of my many nicknames…
      Why crop at the boots? Just cuz I suppose. I didn’t want to go all the way to the ground to minimize the amount of white. I could have cropped higher (and thought about it for some time) then decided to keep the original… :)

      And yes, she is a Goddess :P

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  4. Beate Dalbec says:

    just love these!

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