Top 11 of 2011

Wow! What a year it has been! Whirlwind. Wild change. Endless Transition. Obviously, the highlight is getting married to my wonderful muse and partner in crime, Amanda. Looking back at my images, I can certainly see transition as well. It is funny how you don’t even see it happening, yet, it is plain to see. Hindsight is always 20/20 I suppose.

Now, I still love big, bold and colourful images, but looking back at my work in the past year, most of the images that stick to me have a definitely different flavour to them. From bold and colourful, I now find myself drawn to simpler, more subdued images. I have always sought to simplify my images, but that goal has proven elusive on more than one occasion. I still see room for evolution, but I certainly think I am on the right path to achieve the look I am looking for.

The coming year is also bound to be one of change, and may be even, revolution (on a personal level that is). Amanda and I are brewing some really cool projects and intend on taking things to the next level. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this year’s crop.

This, by the way, is the last post of 2011. It has been an honour and pleasure to interact with all of you. I wish you all Happy Holidays and wish you the best for the new year.

See you soon!

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  2. nicola davison reed says:

    a big T H A N K Y O U Younes for all your hard work on this project~ its been so inspiring seeing all the contributers and your own top 11 are just simple outstanding~the finalist are so well desreved and well chosen and you R O C K ~now have a little well earned rest ~thanks dude x

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  5. I love your year in review. What gorgeous images. I hope this new year is bringing you just as much joy! Congratulations on your marriage. May you be blessed.

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