Fall exposed

As you are reading this, I am (barring unforeseen events)in Morocco, likely near Chefchaouen, leading my first photography tour over there. You won’t be seeing images from this trip just yet, but I am sure you won’t be waiting too long. In the meantime, I present you with the last instalment of fall images from this year’s crop.

The wind was blowing quite hard on that day. Instead of fighting it and trying to get the peaceful, still forest scenes, I did the complete opposite. I stopped down my Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 lens to F/22, lowered my ISO to 100, put the polarizer on and exposed for as long as I could, thus capturing the leaf motion. This resulted is some painterly, surreal looking forest portraits, and a decidedly different look for the images. The take home message here is when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Instead of cursing the elements for your bad luck, keep an open mind and use the adversity to your advantage.

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The day ended with an impromptu shoot in a stream I discovered purely by accident. With all my usual waterfalls completely dried out this year, I was surprised there was anything at all, so it is without a surprise that I made sure I caught a few images of this one. The vibrant green mosses contrasted perfectly with some unusually golden trees, I didn’t need much more to entice me…

CLick here to enjoy fully as compression isn't doing this one a favour

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2 Responses to Fall exposed

  1. Hagen says:

    Lovely lovely lovely.

    An ND filter goes a long way to helping longer shutter speeds. Here’s a link to one of my flickr images: 60 seconds at 2 pm in the afternoon. 10 stop filter.

    Have a fantastic trip! My thoughts and enviousy (?) are with you.

  2. Jack Johnson says:

    Lovely image of the stream you stumbled upon, Younes! Hope you’re having a great tour – I look forward to the photos!

    - Jack