Around the Net, September 15, 2011

So I finally fixed my issues with this blog feature (I am sorry for the disturbance it may have caused in your RSS feeds). For some reason, my wordpress theme interpreted multiple links in a post as me YELLING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I wasn’t.

Now that everything is (seemingly) back in order, let’s proceed on to this week’s bounty of interesting tidbits on the interwebs.

  • First off, pure genius. I don’t own any wacom products but feel I may be swayed soon. I actually have no need for this as I can’t draw for sh!t, but, man this is awesome! Imagine yourself drawing on paper, regular paper, with a regular pen, then putting all of that into your computer without scanning or losing any details. Keeping layers too. It seems I can’t write for Sh!t either so, please watch this…just awesome: the Inkling by Wacom.
  • If you haven’t heard his name before, that probably means you have lived in a cave for the last half century or so. However, just in case you haven’t or if you haven’t been on his website for a while, get ready for a massive dose of inspiration. James Nachtwey doesn’t need any introductions, so here it is. Hang on to your seats.
  • Last week, Chase Jarvis spoke to Pulitzer Prize winner and photographer/videographer guru Vincent Laforet on his blog. When a Pulitzer Prize winner speaks, you listen (or in this case, read).
  • I have been doing a lot of architectural photography of late (behind the scenes, more on this to come soon), and with it comes quite a bit of research, both to learn and for inspiration. My go-to source for this is without a doubt Dezeen. This week they feature a regional library in Hungary that is sure to leave you in awe. Delicious design. (can there be such a thing as delicious design?).
  • On the bidness side of things, promo materials are part of the reality of any commercial photographer. Some people prefer the traditional route. Others go all out and let their creativity take the lead. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your promos, take a look here.
  • Still on the bidness side of things, Maria Brophy is the wife and Art Manager for renowned surf artist Drew Brophy. Her blog is a great source of all sort of business and management advice that applies directly for photographers, without all the hoopla and empty crap that most marketing so-called “gurus” throw at you out there. In this post, Maria discusses how over-extending yourself could hurt your career.

Voila! That’s it for this week!

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