Crap light

…or is it?

As soon as the weather turns a bit sour, dark clouds, rain, windy, cold, most of us just pack their gear and call it a day.

Yet, if there is one time you should really stick it out just a bit longer, it’s certainly during crappy weather.

Rain, sunshine and stormy sky over Ottawa

When sun meets storm, anything can happen

For one, you just never know! The instability in the air can give rise to some truly spectacular light…I mean the sort of light legends are made of.

Even when the light doesn’t seem to be there, there are still plenty of opportunities out there. At the very least you are most likely to come up with an original take on the place (since most people packed their gear, few got a chance to record it). More importantly, I find that dark, stormy sky are extremely atmospheric and lend a great moody look to the most mundane of scenes.

Storm over Britannia beach

Storm over Britannia beach

I was reminded of this as recently as yesterday. The skies were hovering between dull and menacing. I decided to give it a go anyway, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Long exposure, stormy sky, Ottawa

And when all is done, you can just settle for a nice long exposure, with some sweet cloud action

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9 Responses to Crap light

  1. Amanda says:

    ooooh. perty. you’re *almost* making me wish I’d come out with you. lazy manda :)

  2. Great job in capturing the dramatic color and lighting of the clouds and sky.

  3. If there is something I LOVE it is ‘crap’ light in summer here in Alberta!
    Love the drama in these shots Younes. 2nd and 3rd are my favourites.

  4. FG says:

    The second photo is very impressive!

  5. Lee Daniels says:

    Beautiful images, of course, and a great philosophy!

  6. Younes says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
    Olivier: I would love to see some Alberta sky, I’ve seen your work and love it.
    FG: the second photo is my favorite as well!
    Lee: the philosophy of crap? may be that should be my new motto!

  7. Greg Russell says:

    One man’s crap is another man’s treasure…well illustrated here! Gorgeous images, Younes!

  8. Absolute words of wisdom, you never know what will happen happen to the light during these times.

  9. Tim Smalley says:

    There’s no such thing as crap light, only misunderstood or misused light.

    Some lovely images, Younes!