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With the wealth of information that flows through our lives these days, I find that we end up being flooded to the point we (and I mean *I*) don’t know where to look anymore. So, I’ve decided to revive a feature I ran sometime ago, where I “curate” a bunch of links from around the net on things that I think are worth taking a deeper look at. These may be collections of photos, a new photographer, an interesting story or anything that tickles my fancy really…I’d love to know if you find it useful. I’ll try and get it going once a week whenever possible.

Ready? Set. Go!

  • This guy is one of the most acclaimed photographers on earth and there is a reason for that. Steve McCurry’s photographs never miss to elicit strong and powerful emotions. I particularly like he thematically curated posts on his blog. This time, it’s the power of hands:
  • No paraphrasing here, just a straight quote: “Kingsley’s Crossing is the story of one man’s dream to leave the poverty of life in Africa for the promised land of Europe. We walk in his shoes, as photojournalist Olivier Jobard accompanies Kingsley…”. Poignant.:
  • The future of cameras? Wi-fi viewfinder, multi-platform lens mount, instant connectivity…that would be pretty sweet. If this is something that interests you, I suggest you dig down Thom Hogan’s website ( as he offers an interesting view of his thoughts on the future of cameras.
  • I love browsing Behance from time to time as there are endless sources of inspiration in the galleries. This photo essay documents a terrific project for solar powered lamps in poor rural areas. Wonderful Imagery:
  • If you aspire to become a commercial photographer, I highly recommend this great feature on Rob Haggart’s famous blog A Photo Editor where Bill Cramer, photographer and agent goes into the nitty gritty of pricing, bidding and negotiating a commercial photography contract.

That’s it for today. I’d love to know what you think of this feature!

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