Secret Garden, revisited

Since my return from Morocco I have been extremely busy with a lot of photo projects. Alongside a few things that I can’t quite disclose yet, I have been splitting my time between teaching classes at Henry’s School of Imaging, private workshops and spending inordinate amounts on new (but I assure you necessary) gear purchases.

The images in today’s post were all taken during the last private workshop this past Sunday as I was demonstrating the effects of using various focal lengths and shutter speeds on the look of the waterfall. While I have known this place for some time and thought that I had covered it from every angle, I find amazing that despite this familiarity  I am still able to find new ways to portray it. In fact, if anything, familiarity opens your eyes to the subtleties of the subject. Where you always try to go for the home-run when travelling to a new place, a familiar place allows you to slow down and take the time to develop an intimate relationship. You are no longer in “run and gun” mode. All you are trying to do is sit back and take it all in. What may be perceived as an inspiration killer, can in fact be an interesting challenge: go back to your favourite spot and try to look at it from a completely different perspective. Not as easy as it sounds; try it!

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One Response to Secret Garden, revisited

  1. Great shots Younes – gorgeous idea with the long exposure to smooth out the water. Like your first shot the most.