Cool Water (not the one by Davidoff)

I love wide-angle landscape photography as much as the next guy (just in case you haven’t noticed). So when I am standing in front of a great scene with that rare beautiful sunset/rise on the verge of exploding, it is a natural reflex for me to put my 16-35mm lens on, set up and simply wait for the light to materialize. However, notwithstanding the fact that 9 times out of 10 the light fizzles out leaving you with nothing but unfulfilled promises, I have to admit that this type of photography can taste rather bland. You see, the one thing that makes photography so exciting for me is the challenge aspect: how can you come up with a new twist on a scene, what can you do to get the shot that not only satisfies your sense of aesthetics but also has that sweet taste of “victory”? I have to admit that while wide-angle photography will often give me aesthetic pleasure, it rarely quenches my thirst for the challenge.

I have been to this location countless times. In fact at least 10 times in the month of September alone, trying to get the right light, the right composition. On one occasion, while waiting for those conditions to materialize, I decided to forego my 16-35 for a few moments and concentrate on intimate compositions with my telephoto. Lo and behold, I had so much fun, I could have spent the entire afternoon shooting just that 1 square meter area! Here, I wanted to take advantage of the setting sun’s reflections on the fast moving water and contrast its golden colour with that of the water in the shade. To add even more interest, I chose to make the V-shaped rock the centrepiece of my composition. A semi-slow shutter speed allowed me to capture the “light scripture” on the water surface as well as the splash of water hitting the rock. A few trials were necessary to nail down the right balance of all these elements, but I am pretty satisfied with the end result. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Cool Water (not the one by Davidoff)

  1. angela says:

    it looks like long flowing blonde hair…
    and i am being serious, not just facetious;)

    i like it when you step out of your comfort zone these days.

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  3. Joe Williams says:

    I really like the colors, Younes. The contrast of the blue at top with the gold reflections from the water really make it for me.