Top 10 of 2010

Picking my best or more representative work is truly the hardest thing to do for me. They say photographers live for the next shot, well, I guess I took this a bit too seriously…While I do enjoy browsing through my pics from time to time, I have the hardest time thinking that one or the other is my best…Needless to say that this is a painful exercise for me…please remember this when you think I never make any sacrifices for you my readers (reader? :D ).

The one element that became apparent through this exercise, at least for me, is that it clearly illustrates a shift in my style (or at least in my aesthetic preferences). I still do enjoy shooting the occasional big, bold, dramatic sunset/rise…that said, the more I shoot, the more I lean towards simpler, cleaner compositions.  Black and white is quickly replacing the bright colours that often marked my work to date.

Let me know what you think…

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31 Responses to Top 10 of 2010

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  2. Nev says:

    Nice top 10 Younes. Dont hate me but Im not a fan of #3. But the rest are amazing as always and my faves are 1, 4, 6 and 7. 9 as well. The colour in 9 is really nice. Is that an airport? 6 & 7 are my faves though. Very nice work. :)

    • Younes says:

      Hate is a strong word…I may despise you a little :) .
      I actually really appreciate the honesty, nothing like constructive criticism to move in life. I totally understand that #3 isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is something that is attracting me more and more and that I’d like to explore. That said, I am still at the early stages of exploration so a little trial and error is to be expected.
      we still have to get together at some point, man!

  3. sabrina says:

    I’m lovin’ what’s happening with your work especially the black and white bent. I’ve really enjoyed your images over the past year and am excited to see what you’ll make in 2011!

    • Younes says:

      Thanks Sabrina! Hopefully, 2011 will be a better year for me photographically. I definitely hope I will be able to go out and shoot more…have some things in the work…stay tuned :)

  4. Nat says:

    I chose #4 as my desktop background. Nice work Younes!

  5. Brilliant photos Younes! I’ve too moved towards B&W photography in my own photographic journey. It adds one more suprising element to photo making process, and it will definitely take your photos into a next level in creative perspective. So go for it!

  6. hagen says:

    A great selection from a great year. I am always instantly moved by #7 (Boston architecture – the blues and yellow/golds leap out at me). Your sand dunes are always at the top of the list and the sliding stones are close behind. Nary an average shot in the lot.

    I am enjoying watching you grow and develop towards your new vision, and am always in awe of tonal contrasts you are capable of seeing and capturing.

    Keep on shooting!

  7. steveh says:

    Wow. Fantastic images. My eyes are especially drawn towards 8 and 9. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Richard Wong says:

    One of the best top photos posts I’ve seen this year. Great work Younes!

  9. Been a great fan of your work Younes in the last 12 months….
    Hope you will be equally inspiring in 2011!

    Keep it up,

  10. Younes says:

    Thank you all so much for the kind words of encouragement! I look forward to having you all visiting the blog in 2011.



  11. Sandra Finner says:

    I always enjoy peeking in at your blog and I must say I LOVE the color shots. I appreciate the tonality of the black and white and it’s harder to get a great B&W shot than some people think. I’m trying to embrace it myself…but keep going back to color. Your Moroccan shots were and are my fav for the year. Here’s to a great 2011 Younes!

  12. Thierry says:

    Super top 10 Younes (mais qui peut en douter ??), la # 2 , # 5, # 10 sont mes préférées, mais bon, je suis techniquement preneur de tout ce que les autres peuvent offrir :-)

    A bientôt.

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  15. Ed says:

    Younes, I agree with Sabrina, I think your black and white work is coming on really strong. I therefore personally like #s 3 and 8 the best. There’s an air of mystery about #3 and a subtle pattern to it that I really like. #8 just blows me away with its depth and majesty. I am personally not a huge fan of #6. I think the wall is definitely interesting but just a person walking by doesn’t complete it for me, I need a gesture from. That’s just my opinion though, I hope you don’t mind me expressing it as it’s to help me think about these things as much as provide some feedback. All the best for 2011!

    • Younes says:

      Thanks Ed for your honest opinion. I really appreciate all constructive feedback, so please don’t hold back (ok, well just a little, may be :D ). #3 and 8 are definitely 2 of my top 3-4 shots this year as far as I am concerned, so I am really glad people are responding to them positively.

  16. Nina says:

    Hi Younes, I found your website through Art Wolfe’s. The compositions in your shots are great. Keep up the beautiful work – you’ve come a long way!

    All the best,

  17. chris says:

    I love your Death Valley shots, you have come away with better images than most from there!

    Very nice work, glad I found you through Jim’s Blog.

  18. Phil Colla says:

    Younes, this is a great selection of work. Your Death Valley images are particularly strong. Congrats on a great year!

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  20. Charlotte says:

    Wonderful creative eye. Thank you. I really loved #6. The background, sweet. The person walking by giving some splashes of color, in a mostly tones of gray pic, perfect ! There is something fun about it.

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