Water etching

This past week-end I undertook the very pleasant task of catching up on keywording and updating the metadata on my image bank…boy was I off the mark. I knew I was lagging behind, but only a few months…somehow though it turned out that I had lost the keywording on almost 6000 pictures, yes your read it SIX THOUSAND…AAAAARGHHH. So, you’ve guessed, it’s been a highly entertaining week-end on that front.

On the plus side, the exercise allowed me to clean up my archives, catch up on some post-processing, but most pleasantly to uncover some forgotten or unknown keepers. It was not all futile. This particular shot was taken on the edge of the frozen Ottawa river at the end of last winter. It’s a macro shot that represents and area about 2-3 inches long. KIDS: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. A few minutes after taking this shot I found myself at the bottom of the river, gasping for air and trying desperately to save my gear, and mostly myself…


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7 Responses to Water etching

  1. Joe Williams says:

    Wow, amazing whot that turned unexpectedly into an extreme shot, eh? :)

  2. Jack Johnson says:

    Great image – glad you survived its capture! :^D

    - Jack

  3. While I generally believe in the anything-for-the-shot maxim, I do think that crashing through ice into a frigid river in winter might be just a tad too aggressive for me.

  4. anveso says:

    Well, well… “keywording” is definitely safer – but this shot – I don’t know! Yet, now that I know the ending of the story , I am grateful for the “experience” – beautiful etching… any artist could be jealous!

  5. Younes says:

    Thanks everyone, I am glad you like this one. As I said it took almost two years before I got around to process it.
    Jeff/Anna: I know what you mean, but you gotta do what you gotta do…I am hoping though that I don’t get myself into more trouble :)

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  7. nelly says:

    whoaa! Cooool!!