Mountains, where art thou?

I need my mountain fix. Badly. It has been sometime since I have actually had a chance to enjoy in mountains. Man, I do miss them. For a guy who grew up by the ocean, I never really expected mountains to have such a profound effect on me. But ever since I set foot in the Rockies a couple of years back, all I have been thinking of has been mountains and more mountains. I mean, it’s not even funny, I see a mountain shot and I just cringe, not because I don’t like it, but really because I am just dying to be there so badly. I am really considering taking Darwin Wiggett’s winter workshop in february but have to figure a few details out before I know if I can make it. If you have a chance check him out. The guy is one of Canada’s premiere landscape photographer and great guy to boot.

In the meantime, all you get from me is a few shots from my Rockies trip in 2007…




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7 Responses to Mountains, where art thou?

  1. JVL says:

    Ah – them tips are on FIRE! I’ve never been too close to the Rockies. Over them, sure, but Vancouver city was about as good as it got for me.

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  3. Stephanie Martin says:

    I am moving from Arkansas to Boulder, Colorado in less than two weeks. I cannot wait to see the mountains every day. The days have been long since I’ve spent much time near them and never again will I take them for granted.

  4. Minna says:

    I know how you feel! I grew up in a flat country and now that I live relatively close to the mountains, I would miss them like crazy if I had to move back. Our mountains here in Sweden are not nearly as impressive as the Rockies of course, but enough to give me my mountain fix. :)

    Wonderful pictures here, especially the middle one is a real stunner!

  5. Having lived in Calgary for 5 years, I know what you mean. Not much mountains to speak of when I moved to Toronto. Now, everytime I visit Canada from the land down under, I make a point of spending some time in the Rockies.

    I quite like the last one, the lifting fog and great reflection are magic.

  6. Joe Williams says:

    Wow, all the shots are inspirational and make me want to hop in my car and drive to the Rockies!

  7. Younes says:

    Thank you all for the taking the time to comment and for all your kind words.