Re-discovering the old digs


You know how it is, you live somewhere, but you never go to those very landmarks that define the place. I lived in Montreal for 8 years, and visit regularly. Yet, there are tons of places I have still to see. That’s exactly what I set out to do this past week-end. Hopped in my car and headed straight downtown, first stop: Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral. It’s one of the most noticeable old churches in the city, and I have been meaning to visit for years but never got around to do it. I have to say that the interior doesn’t live up to the amazing exterior look. That said, the place definitely has some oomph to it!

Right after that, I braved the bitterly cold and moved on to my next destination in the (almost) newly revamped Palais des Congres. Frankly, the building is downright ugly from the outside, and you struggle to understand why it cost $240 millions to redo: it’s a cube covered with multicolored pieces of glass…it looks like the colours were picked by a 3 year old, but heck, the guy must have known what he was doing if he sold the $240 million idea…Anyhow, once you get in, the place is actually quite nice, though I couldn’t get access to the  most interesting spots on the top floors, a bit of a pity really.


After shooting for about 15 min, this security guard came up to me and indicated (very nicely I must say) that I was not allowed to shoot on a tripod (It apparently looks too professional…I was allowed to shoot with my “big” camera without the tripod, because that way I could pretend I was an amateur…needless to say I am don’t make a living on photography, but the look is enough to grant you professional status…yay…I am a pro now!!!). I spent the rest of the afternoon either shooting at high iso (which really sucks on my D200), or sneaking a shot or two on my tripod when the guard wasn’t around…Overall, I really enjoyed photographing the Palais. Next time, I will make sure I get some sort of authorization to use my tripod. On this note, I hope you enjoy my bounty from that afternoon.Cheers.

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